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 on any of these subjects


 History and Art

Ringing the Banjo: Popular Music and the Minstrel Show

“A Wondrous Story No Nation Sang Before”: American Popular Songs, 1865-1900

“Take Your Girlie to the Movies”: Popular Songs and Silent Movies

“Just a Song at Twilight”: The Songs of Victorian America

Our Own Fascinating Rhythms: Making an American Popular Music

Moving the Blues from the Cotton Fields to Tow

“Out Together Dancing Cheek to Cheek”: Popular Music as Art Deco Dream

“Hear That Lonesome Whistle”: What Train Songs Tell Us About America

“Automobubbling You and I”: What Automobile Songs Tell Us About America

“Puttin’ on the Ritz”: Style and Social Class in American Popular Song

The Irish in New York: A History in Song

“The Hip-Hooray and Bally-Hoo”: Popular Music’s Take on New York

Tiptoeing through the Tulips with You: Flowers, True Love & Popular Songs

Shedding Grace: The Unlikely Stories of Our National Anthem

"May Your Days Be Merry & Bright”: The Story of America’s Christmas Anthem


Through the Decades

           “No Army without Music”: The Songs of the Civil War

          “Let’s All Be Americans Now”: Ethnic Songs and the Melting Pot

          “Halfway to Heaven and You”: How Popular Songs Took Us to the Suburbs

          “Till We Meet Again”: The Songs of World War I

"Oh, Me! Oh, My! Ain't That Perfection": Popular Songs, The Flapper, & 1920s America

“Let Me Sing and I’m Happy: The Songs of the ‘20s and ‘30s

          “Let ‘Em Have It Just That Way’ The Songwriters of the Harlem Renaissance

         “Let’s Go Slumming, Nose Thumbing, at Park Avenue”: The Songs of the Great Depression

          “All the Old Familiar Places”: Love Songs of Depression and War

          Walking Alone: The Songs of World War II


The Songwriters

           “Ladies Don’t Write Lyrics”: The Forgotten Female Songwriters

          “Sweet and Low Down”: The Gershwins’ New York

          Irving Berlin, the Unlikeliest Genius

          Idealizing America: Norman Rockwell and Irving Berlin

          Richard Rodgers’ America

          Mined and Unmined Cole: The Famous and Forgotten Songs of Cole Porter

          Berlin, Kern & Gershwin Make Music American